28 01 2009

later this afternoon, her bandages will be removed. never in my life have i felt so helpless, anxious and downright scared. the result will be based if her foot healed or not. if it does, i’ll just buy some meds for her recovery. if not, they need to amputate her. amputate? never have i imagined such thing happening to my baby. i want her to run again. i want her to beg me to carry her again. i want to see her playing hide-and-seek once more. i just want her to be healthy again. there’s nothing i could wish for her. just let her be healthy again. please let her be normal again.

i want to see her barking her out and making an awfulyl loud noise in her cage whenever she sees an intruder. i want to see her chomping away my favorite shoe. i want to see her sneak and go up the stairs and wait outside my door. i want to hear her bark whenever i wake up. i miss my dog. i really hope for a great result this afternoon.

what i realized during this time is how health is truly important. if you’re healthy, it gives you the power to conquer the world. you can do anything as long as you’re in the pink of health. you can do whatever you want; go to the farthest corner of the earth; be who you want to be; do the unimaginable; spend days however you wish; and have peace of mind. without good health, you’re mind is in a state of restleness. in the situation i am in, i realized that there are a lot of things money can’t buy: love, happiness, peace of mind and good health.  these things are priceless.

i just hope that my baby will walk out of the clinic with all legs intact…and her master finally at ease.


22 01 2009

she’s cute. she’s cuddly. she’s playful. she’s 4.and she’s my dog.

i can still remember the night i got her. it was a weekday and right after class, i went with my ex  to get my new dog. we went to the dog owner’s place in Pasay (near DFA) to choose my new puppy. when i got there, lhasa apso puppies were running around. the puppies were being chased by their mother. it was a very delightful scene. i love all the puppies but i have to choose one. i made my decision. i chose the female puppy who kept on running around.the moment i held her, she looked at me and i fell in love.

the owner gave me some food for my new puppy. and i can still remember the way i held her with utmost care. she’s barely 2 months and she’ll be traveling for almost 2 hours. my ex said the puppy stinked ~ well, it did. but i coudn’t care less. the puppy stayed on my lap all through out the journey. i’m not used to the smell but it instantly became natural. i love this puppy. that’s all that matters. is that the feeling mother’s feel whenever they give birth? instant connection like the cosmos binding you a spell?

when we finally got home, i carried her like a newborn. she’s now part of our family ~ whether they like it or not.  we had dogs but we never had an intimate connection with them. we didn’t play with them or fuss about their appearance. but this time, they have to accept that there’s a new member. i let her stay inside the house ~ against my mom’s orders (she’s kinda aloof when it comes to dogs). my sisters were delighted to see her. they played with her and called her various names.

name. she still doesn’t have one. it took me a couple of days to finally decide on her name. i don’t want a common name, so i thought of delta (australian singer delta goodrem), fifi and satchi. i had a lot of considerations – 1. it must suit her personality 2. it must be unique 3. it must be easy to say and for her to remember (2 syllables) and 4. the sound must remain neutral  despite the various accents of anyone who will call her. i observed. she was very playful; she doesn’t concede right away; she’s kinda stubborn like younger sisters call her “kulit” (tagalaog term for being mischievous). it fits. but i have to incorporate my style. I changed the term from kulit to Colette. now it sounds french, right? from then on, she’s known as Colette.

Colette received all the love she can get. my sisters adored her. my dad interacts with her. and my mom shows interest (thankfully). Lani, our reliable cook and relative, caters to Colette’s every need. and of course, i spoil her crazy. i buy dog stuff and baby stuff. she was showered with numerous toys and clothes. i only buy the best for her. the best shampoo. the best collar. everything must be the best. She’s veryimportant to me. She loves me endlessly. I love her back.  I cannot imagine life without her.

there were times, she got sick. i was in panic and most of the time i cried. i want to do everything to help her. when i look at her feeling helpless, my heart gets beaten a hundred times. she’s a dog so she can’t tell me her needs and where it hurts. and it fucking frustrates the hell out of me. right now, her right hindleg is bleeding (i hope she’s bleeding no more). yesterday when i saw her limping and crying in pain whenever she’s in a vulnerable position, it was like being stabbed over and over again. i hope when i get home today, Colette will be feeling better. Please Lord, help my baby.

I need her in my life. she’ll be with me for a long time. I’ll see you later, Colette!

decision-making for adults

21 01 2009

why is it difficult for adults to make decisions? why not throw cautious to the wind and just decide on the spot? why do adults spend a long time weighing pros and cons and end up with a decision they will regret?

i wish making decisions is easy. i want to make decisions without drying up my brain cells. whenever adults make decisions, they spend a lot of time in contemplation. they consider the benefits, people who might get involved, the process and the means to implement such decision. the considerations that they have to put up with may lead to a good or bad decision. if the result didn’t come out as planned, they spend a long time regretting it. only one thing for sure, the outcome is always uncertain. for kids or people who make “hasty” decisions, outcomes – whether good or bad, is alright. they might make the wrong decision but they they don’t have much to regret either. so how should adults make decisions? is spending an awful amount of time helpful to reach a good judgment? or is deciding with less thought  more helpful to one’s sanity?

i let 3 job opportunities passed because i was stuck weighing the pros and cons. and i totally regret it. if only i grabbed the opportunity, my life would be different now, or so i thought. i don’t know for sure what kind of life i’ll be having. but i’m certain that i won’t be kicking myself now because of regrets.

once again, i’m in the midst of making a major life decision – my career. i don’t know if  i’m to continue the profession i am in now or change gears. i don’t know what will be more fruitful. all i know is that my life at the present is not the life i want. i want change and i’m determine to change, but what kind of decision should i be making? there’s this cliche that “as you get older, you get wiser”, but do we really get wiser as we age? if we keep on making the same mistakes, can we call ourselves “adults”? if we still do things we regret later on, can we call ourselves “adults”? if we make decisions the “mature way” in terms of weighing the pros and cons, can we call ourselves “adults”?

i’m already 26 yet i don’t know if can actually say i’m a certified adult… or am i just acting “mature”? one thing is certain though, i still find myself looming webs of confusion. however, whenever i decide on a whim, it seems immature. should adults be restricted to the usual standard of contemplation? i guess, decisions can be made by anyone. the results may vary. good decisions are not exclusive to adults. decision-making must be done with contemplation but on a limited time. life is short. let’s make good decisions with our brain cells at peace.

1N2D Fan Girl

20 01 2009

i discovered this show a couple of months ago~around November. and from that time on, i got hooked. i’m an addict. i’m a certifiied 1n2d fangirl.

this show is about 6 guys going on a roadtrip with a stipend of $10. their destination is anywhere within the korean peninsula. they must showcase the beauty and resources of each destination. the show is basically done overnight. they will start off early or mid-morning then drive all the way to their destination. however, intheir journey, they encounter or sometimes create their own adventure. they engage in games whenever they stop in “resting places” (pitstops) and most of the time, entertain the viewers through their various shenanigans inside their compact cars. upon reaching the destination, the cast will chill out for a while and take in the scenery. they will have their supper in the most unconventional way (watch it so you’ll know!). and they will engage in “bobulbok” or punishment game.

Bokbulbok is a punishment game wherein the 6 members will be divided into 2 groups (before: Hwacheon Line; now: Haenam Line). most of the time, they play the “say whatever” game wherein the last syllable of the first person must be the first syllable of the second person. the essence of their words must be nonsensical and must not exist in the Korean language. if a person blurts out a word that makes sense and exists in Korean language, the person is punished. Punishment: he needs to drink or eat what the staff prepared ~ and it’s nasty. soy sauce, fish sauce, chili paste, wasabi, vinegar… you name it! sometimes, they put the ingredients themselves and make their own kimbap (Korean rice roll) or place it in Bungeoppang (fish-shaped hot bread with filling). the 3 members who will get the boot will have to sleep outdoors (regardless of the temperature and location), while the rest get to stay indoors. it is a tough fight.come morning, the members wll then compete for breakfast wherein you’ll witness various tactics in waking someone up.

official wake-up song is “Please Endure” by Kim Hye Yeon.

the cast members are Kang Ho Dong (dol jjang), Kim C (eomma), Lee Su Geun (driver), Eun Ji Won (Eunchoding), MC Mong (monkey boy) and Lee Seung gi (Ho Dang).

—to be continued

life plan? i’m not sure

19 01 2009

not a day goes by where i don’t think about my future.every single fucking day, it’s a recurring thought i can’t get rid off. i’m 26 (27 this may) yet i’m nowhere near the career ladder. my job as an ESL instructor is not gratifying at all. probably because i equate success with monetary values. at this point in my life, i define success to be the stage where you get to go anywhere, buy anything, do what your passionate about without a single worry for tomorrow’s survival. therefore, i equate success with money. money is indeed eveything.i don’t want to justify my cravings for money but having it takes a lot of burden off my shoulder. and it pisses the hell out of me because i don’t have a fucking clue how to get it.

life plans…i’m not sure if i have those. i know what i desire in life but i don’t have the faintest idea how to get it. i don’t know what career i’m supposed to take. my course is totally different from my current career. i want to change gears but i don’t know where to go. living is hard. there are times, i just want to surrender and just let the waves of life take me wherever it pleases. but another part of me tells me to have some sense of direction. how should we go through life? by directions or just go with the flow? how can we achieve success? is it through a detailed life plan or through spontaneity? my life is totally jumbled now. well, just my career but it affects my daily life.


45 ways to say “dad” in different languages

13 06 2008

As different countries speak different tongues, different names for the word “dad” are present. However, no matter how different each word is from the other, it means the same thing. This coming Sunday, a great number of countries will celebrate Father’s day in their own ways. So, in celebration of Father’s day , I want to share 45 ways of saying “dad” in different languages.

  1. Yiddish : tatti ; tay ; foter ; tateh
  2. Welsh : tad
  3. Venetian : pare ; popà ; ‘opà ; pupà ; papà
  4. Turkish : baba
  5. Spanish : papá ; viejo ; tata
  6. Swahili : baba ; mzazi
  7. Swedish : pappa
  8. Slovak : otec
  9. Slovenian : ôèe
  10. Sicilian : patri
  11. Sanskrit : tàtah ; janak
  12. Russian : papa
  13. Romanian : tata ; parinte ; taica
  14. Polish : tata ; ojciec
  15. Portuguese : pai
  16. Persian/Farsi : pedar, pitar ; simply baabaa
  17. Norwegian : pappa ; far
  18. Nepali : buwa
  19. Maori : haakoro ; kohake
  20. Mandarin Chinese : baba
  21. Malay : bapa
  22. Latvian : tevs
  23. Latin : pater ; papa ; atta
  24. Lithuanian : tevas ; pradininkas ; protevis
  25. Korean: abonim, aboji, appa
  26. Japanese : otosan, papa
  27. Italian : babbo
  28. Irish : athair ; daidí
  29. Indonesian : bapa ; ayah ; pak
  30. Hungarian : apa ; apu ; papa ; édesapa
  31. Hindi : papa ; pita-ji
  32. Hebrew : abba(h)
  33. German : banketi, papi
  34. French : papa
  35. Finnish : isä
  36. Filipino : tatay, itay, tay ; ama
  37. Estonian : isa
  38. English : father ; dad ; daddy ; pop ; poppa ; papa
  39. Dutch : vader ; papa ; pappie
  40. Czech : táta, otecfather and son
  41. Croatian : otac
  42. Bosnian : otac
  43. Brazilian Portuguese : pai
  44. Arabic : babba ; yebba ; abbi (classical)
  45. Afrikaans : vader

No matter what you call your dad, show him how special he is this Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

what happened to them?

12 06 2008

i’m a celeb junkie ~ well, a gossip monger. i have this unfathomable desire to know the lives of my favorite stars. probably, it’s another way of adding zest to my everyday not-so-exciting life. as a celeb junkie, i feel for my fave stars. a smile spreads across my face when i find out they’re having a baby, getting hitch (well, not necessarily true for my fave male hotties) or getting on the best-dressed list. at the same time, i’m inconsolable when i find out they’re in pain (not to the point of a bawl-out session).

anyway, this post is about celebs i’m totally missin (well, only for some of them… the rest, i’m just curious).

what happened to them?

freddie prinze jr. – after his show and marriage to sarah michelle gellar

joseph gordon levitt

tia & tamara mowry

brandy norwood

larisa oleynik

devon sawa

jonathan taylor thomas

jonathan brandis

andrew and casey keegan

hope to see them again…