what happened to them?

12 06 2008

i’m a celeb junkie ~ well, a gossip monger. i have this unfathomable desire to know the lives of my favorite stars. probably, it’s another way of adding zest to my everyday not-so-exciting life. as a celeb junkie, i feel for my fave stars. a smile spreads across my face when i find out they’re having a baby, getting hitch (well, not necessarily true for my fave male hotties) or getting on the best-dressed list. at the same time, i’m inconsolable when i find out they’re in pain (not to the point of a bawl-out session).

anyway, this post is about celebs i’m totally missin (well, only for some of them… the rest, i’m just curious).

what happened to them?

freddie prinze jr. – after his show and marriage to sarah michelle gellar

joseph gordon levitt

tia & tamara mowry

brandy norwood

larisa oleynik

devon sawa

jonathan taylor thomas

jonathan brandis

andrew and casey keegan

hope to see them again…



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