28 01 2009

later this afternoon, her bandages will be removed. never in my life have i felt so helpless, anxious and downright scared. the result will be based if her foot healed or not. if it does, i’ll just buy some meds for her recovery. if not, they need to amputate her. amputate? never have i imagined such thing happening to my baby. i want her to run again. i want her to beg me to carry her again. i want to see her playing hide-and-seek once more. i just want her to be healthy again. there’s nothing i could wish for her. just let her be healthy again. please let her be normal again.

i want to see her barking her out and making an awfulyl loud noise in her cage whenever she sees an intruder. i want to see her chomping away my favorite shoe. i want to see her sneak and go up the stairs and wait outside my door. i want to hear her bark whenever i wake up. i miss my dog. i really hope for a great result this afternoon.

what i realized during this time is how health is truly important. if you’re healthy, it gives you the power to conquer the world. you can do anything as long as you’re in the pink of health. you can do whatever you want; go to the farthest corner of the earth; be who you want to be; do the unimaginable; spend days however you wish; and have peace of mind. without good health, you’re mind is in a state of restleness. in the situation i am in, i realized that there are a lot of things money can’t buy: love, happiness, peace of mind and good health.  these things are priceless.

i just hope that my baby will walk out of the clinic with all legs intact…and her master finally at ease.