1N2D Fan Girl

20 01 2009

i discovered this show a couple of months ago~around November. and from that time on, i got hooked. i’m an addict. i’m a certifiied 1n2d fangirl.

this show is about 6 guys going on a roadtrip with a stipend of $10. their destination is anywhere within the korean peninsula. they must showcase the beauty and resources of each destination. the show is basically done overnight. they will start off early or mid-morning then drive all the way to their destination. however, intheir journey, they encounter or sometimes create their own adventure. they engage in games whenever they stop in “resting places” (pitstops) and most of the time, entertain the viewers through their various shenanigans inside their compact cars. upon reaching the destination, the cast will chill out for a while and take in the scenery. they will have their supper in the most unconventional way (watch it so you’ll know!). and they will engage in “bobulbok” or punishment game.

Bokbulbok is a punishment game wherein the 6 members will be divided into 2 groups (before: Hwacheon Line; now: Haenam Line). most of the time, they play the “say whatever” game wherein the last syllable of the first person must be the first syllable of the second person. the essence of their words must be nonsensical and must not exist in the Korean language. if a person blurts out a word that makes sense and exists in Korean language, the person is punished. Punishment: he needs to drink or eat what the staff prepared ~ and it’s nasty. soy sauce, fish sauce, chili paste, wasabi, vinegar… you name it! sometimes, they put the ingredients themselves and make their own kimbap (Korean rice roll) or place it in Bungeoppang (fish-shaped hot bread with filling). the 3 members who will get the boot will have to sleep outdoors (regardless of the temperature and location), while the rest get to stay indoors. it is a tough fight.come morning, the members wll then compete for breakfast wherein you’ll witness various tactics in waking someone up.

official wake-up song is “Please Endure” by Kim Hye Yeon.

the cast members are Kang Ho Dong (dol jjang), Kim C (eomma), Lee Su Geun (driver), Eun Ji Won (Eunchoding), MC Mong (monkey boy) and Lee Seung gi (Ho Dang).

—to be continued