22 01 2009

she’s cute. she’s cuddly. she’s playful. she’s 4.and she’s my dog.

i can still remember the night i got her. it was a weekday and right after class, i went with my ex  to get my new dog. we went to the dog owner’s place in Pasay (near DFA) to choose my new puppy. when i got there, lhasa apso puppies were running around. the puppies were being chased by their mother. it was a very delightful scene. i love all the puppies but i have to choose one. i made my decision. i chose the female puppy who kept on running around.the moment i held her, she looked at me and i fell in love.

the owner gave me some food for my new puppy. and i can still remember the way i held her with utmost care. she’s barely 2 months and she’ll be traveling for almost 2 hours. my ex said the puppy stinked ~ well, it did. but i coudn’t care less. the puppy stayed on my lap all through out the journey. i’m not used to the smell but it instantly became natural. i love this puppy. that’s all that matters. is that the feeling mother’s feel whenever they give birth? instant connection like the cosmos binding you a spell?

when we finally got home, i carried her like a newborn. she’s now part of our family ~ whether they like it or not.  we had dogs but we never had an intimate connection with them. we didn’t play with them or fuss about their appearance. but this time, they have to accept that there’s a new member. i let her stay inside the house ~ against my mom’s orders (she’s kinda aloof when it comes to dogs). my sisters were delighted to see her. they played with her and called her various names.

name. she still doesn’t have one. it took me a couple of days to finally decide on her name. i don’t want a common name, so i thought of delta (australian singer delta goodrem), fifi and satchi. i had a lot of considerations – 1. it must suit her personality 2. it must be unique 3. it must be easy to say and for her to remember (2 syllables) and 4. the sound must remain neutral  despite the various accents of anyone who will call her. i observed. she was very playful; she doesn’t concede right away; she’s kinda stubborn like younger sisters call her “kulit” (tagalaog term for being mischievous). it fits. but i have to incorporate my style. I changed the term from kulit to Colette. now it sounds french, right? from then on, she’s known as Colette.

Colette received all the love she can get. my sisters adored her. my dad interacts with her. and my mom shows interest (thankfully). Lani, our reliable cook and relative, caters to Colette’s every need. and of course, i spoil her crazy. i buy dog stuff and baby stuff. she was showered with numerous toys and clothes. i only buy the best for her. the best shampoo. the best collar. everything must be the best. She’s veryimportant to me. She loves me endlessly. I love her back.  I cannot imagine life without her.

there were times, she got sick. i was in panic and most of the time i cried. i want to do everything to help her. when i look at her feeling helpless, my heart gets beaten a hundred times. she’s a dog so she can’t tell me her needs and where it hurts. and it fucking frustrates the hell out of me. right now, her right hindleg is bleeding (i hope she’s bleeding no more). yesterday when i saw her limping and crying in pain whenever she’s in a vulnerable position, it was like being stabbed over and over again. i hope when i get home today, Colette will be feeling better. Please Lord, help my baby.

I need her in my life. she’ll be with me for a long time. I’ll see you later, Colette!